About the Candidate

Doug Jenkins, Independent for America

Welcome to Doug Jenkins for President!

Doug Jenkins was born in Highland, Wisconsin. After completing his academic requirements and graduating high school, he enlisted in the United States Army. While serving his country during the Vietnam War era he received many promotions, two bronze stars, and multiple Army commendation medals. After his honorable discharge from the Army he went on to run his own successful painting  business while finding the time to form, fund, and run a local non-profit organization in Madison, Wisconsin.

As a father of four, a combat veteran, a business owner, and an active philanthropist, Doug has vast experience within many aspects of American life. Witnessing the growing economic disparity affecting many Americans pushed Doug to begin volunteering with a church outreach, helping those with the greatest need in downtown Madison. In 2018 he took his work to the next level and established the non-profit organization, First American Rescue Division, with the primary goal of eliminating homelessness in his hometown.

Doug has been an active member of the community, involving himself in service work with the VFW, the American Legion, and with local churches. He actively does individual outreach in the community to help positively impact those around him and to help those in need. His belief is that through effective political change, we can minimize the pain and suffering of all Americans and build a country that will work for both our current and future generations.